Stork village meeting in Taraš in Serbia

At long last a meeting face to face: After a pause of two years enforced by Covid, representatives from seven European Stork Villages met together in Taraš.


19th European Stork Villages Network Meeting

The 19th ESVN meeting will take place in Taraš-Serbia, from 18th to 21st July 2022. After online meetings due to the pandemic, the organisers are looking forward to meeting again in person.


International Photo Contest in Malpartida

The Malpartida de Cáceres City Council, The Tourism Service of the Provincial Goverment of Cáceres and the Regional

Government of Extremadura are organizing the XXXI International Photographic Contest ”The Stork Week” accordingly to

the following terms and conditions:


Last Webinar on White Storks

The four-part webinar series on "Human impacts on the ecology of the white stork" is coming to an end. The last event will take place on Saturday, 19 February 2022 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and will focus on the increasing number of migratory birds in the breeding grounds.


White storks and human impact (II)

A four-part webinar series provides information on current developments of man-made impacts on the storks' living environment. The second appointment will take place on 27 November from 10-12. The topic is: Population development of Eastern and Western populations


White Storks and human impact

A four-part webinar series provides information on current developments of man-made impacts on the storks' living environment. Start is 23 October 2021.




7th Stork Days in Taraš

Symbolically, the seventh "Stork days" were marked on the World Stork Day in Taraš. Due to the earlier epidemiological situation, this year's event was in a smaller form and was held thanks to the support of sponsors.


18th Meeting of the European Stork Villages Network

And another year has flown by. For the 18th time, the European Stork Villages Network came together for an annual meeting.


“What’s happening in Storks’ nest?”

From now on you can watch in real time what is happening in the stork's nest of Čigoč!


"The Life of a White Stork" - Belozem announces this year the International drawing competition

For another year Primary School “Geo Milev” in Belozem started the drawing competition on the theme "The Life of a White Stork".

The organizers are Rakovski Municipality, Catholic Church “St. Francis of Assisi” in the European village of the White Stork, Federation of Nature Conservation NGOs "Green Balkans".


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Although the European white stork population is currently safe, the species' habitats are threatened across the continent. EuroNatur and its partners take action. Support the storks with your donation!

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