Andrid, Romania, 1997

Facts and Figures

Satu Mare County in the far Northwest of Romania, close to the Hungarian border
34 - 37
Min. and max. numbers of breeding pairs since the year 2013
Inhabitants in the year 2017
White stork in Romanian:
Barză albă
Nesting sites:
Electricity poles (with nesting platforms)
Stork Festival, Ecology programs at the Eco-house Andrid (e.g.
Sustainable Energy Week, environmental education, renewable energy sources in agriculture)


Andrid, Satu Mare region, Romania
Main Street, Number 508, post code : 447010

+40 261 820 409, fax: +40 261 820 492
primariaandrid(at); primar(at);

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Landscape and habitat

Andrid is situated in the Carei and Ier-plain. Through agricultural land traverse the two rivers Zimoias and Valea Morii.  The storks are hunting in the wet meadows along the rivers, on fields and grassland. The food is very diverse, they feed on insects (grasshoppers, locusts), earthworms, frogs, lizards, mice, rats and snakes.

Storks as marriage brokers

Andrids mayor Tibor Papp reports: “In the last years we invited high-ranking local politicians to our Stork Festival. One of them was the president of the regional council, who was not married and didn`t have children, too. During the stork events he fell in love with a woman and after some months they got married and had a child.”


  • ecology education in schools and kindergardens
  • local sanitation, collecting and recycling the wastes
  • popularizing the protection of fauna and flora on the Ier Valley
  • elaboration of management ideas for natural protected areas „Natura 2000“


Local players and EuroNatur partners

Environmental Protection Agency Satu Mare, Romanian Ornithological Society - Satu Mare branch, School with eight classes Andrid, Mayoralty Andrid, Local Council Andrid

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