Europe’s stork conservationists meet in North Macedonia

From 12 to 15 June 2019, representatives of the European Stork Villages Network will meet in the Stork Village of Češinovo-Obleševo. Together with international nature conservation experts, they will discuss and learn about recent progress in protecting storks both in the Stork Villages and throughout Europe.


Call for proposals

Within the frame of the project “WET MEADOWS AND PASTURES 2” EuroNatur intends to support local and national NGOs and the European Stork Villages (ESV) in the implementation of projects addressing the restoration of wet meadows and pastures. A first call for proposal in 2018 resulted in the funding of 8 habitat projects, which are currently ongoing. With this second call, we aim to identify and fund additional habitat projects in order to continue and enlarge this successful project model.


Thousands of white storks are the victims of illegal hunting

++ The migration season is now in full flow ++ Every year there are 25 million birds killed illegally, including thousands of white storks ++ International Campaign to fight against the killing of birds has been launched ++


Stork Massacre in Malta

Three weeks ago, a flock of white storks landed on the Mediterranean island of Malta. Poachers immediately set about hunting down these magnificent large birds. It is now believed that all the storks have been shot dead.


Four years of successful white stork conservation

The project to preserve wet meadows and pastures has delivered great success for the white storks of Europe over the past four years. This project, initiated by EuroNatur, other nature conservation organisations, and the Stork Villages, provides an excellent basis for further approaches to protect the emblematic birds.


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Although the European white stork population is currently safe, the species' habitats are threatened across the continent. EuroNatur and its partners take action. Support the storks with your donation!

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