Stork Conservationists meet in Switzerland

Over time it has become a strong tradition: From June 14th – 17th 2018, representatives of the European Stork Villages met for the 15th time. Hosts of this year’s stork village conference were the stork community of Altreu in Switzerland.


Stork Day Celebration in Macedonia

Once a year in the first week of May, the residents of the Macedonian stork village Češinovo-Obleševo come together to celebrate the return of the elegant gliders from their African wintering areas. It is a clear sign that spring has finally arrived.


An Appeal for safe Skies over Lebanon

Bird migration is now in full swing, and many of these feathered globetrotters will be flying this spring over the Lebanon to their breeding areas in Europe. Despite a statutory ban on the hunting of birds, thousands of them fall victim each year to the hunters' guns.


Range of initiatives taken in Taraš stork village

Those working to protect storks in the Serbian borough of Taraš have been keeping extremely busy. The new observation tower, information boards and guided excursions are just a few examples of the wide range of activities they have been involved in.


New feature showing the fluctuations in White Stork populations

In one year the summer may be warm and dry, the food supply abundant and the disturbances insignificant, but in the next it may be the complete opposite. External factors are an important influence in the breeding success of the White Stork.


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